About Unity!

Our Goal is to #Inspire Unity with every project that shares our authentic true values! Already please go to our Unity Blog for our first projects are being posted weekly!

We already have the Unity of Bands 2018/9 for a unity-themed music expression of talents and opportunity to become a music influencer!

We are drawing together powerful Educators to share in our Unity of Education post the future of Unifications in every field and practical life. Our Future in Education and the key is focusing on coming together to have our children be builders of Unity Inspired!

The Unity of Relationships, Unity of Health & Fitness and Unity of Body & Soul combine to lead the way in a healthy lifestyle with real relationship guidance to the focused beautiful connection!

Our most emotionally focused post is a real focus on Unity of Relationships and our thought leaders on this most powerful essential binding in the pulse of life!

001.jpgThe Powerful Unifier is Music, so enjoy some great Talents and links of music stars we hope to host again at our Unity-themed events in the near future with your partnership for Unity of Music with famous Unifiers!

The other exciting Unity projects are Unity of Business from 7 habits to 10 habits, Unity of Family, Unity of Fashion and many more Unity-themed posts and projects! Here is our traveling unity project, Unity in action!

Together we can build this ultimate project of bringing more Unity in everything we do, however, the key is for each of us to start with their unique Unity Contribution!

Email Eli your Unity Project now and inspire yourself what you’re capable of – unityinspiresprojects@gmail.com! To invest & donate to our first Unity Inspires Projects click here – www.paypal.me/unityofbands !