Unity of Bands 2018/9-2020 online “Unity” music video project!

Dear Friends & Creative talented souls,

Hope this finds you all well,

I’m excited to announce to all musicians, videographers, and photographers the amazing opportunity to build Unity of Bands 2018-9/5778-9.

All followers and lovers of music🎶 are also invited to share their feedback and talents to makes this online experience the best for us all!

Welcome to our Unity Inspires Projects blog and realize this is a growing site that will constantly need to be developed to get the best innovative Unity experience we are all looking for!

We are hosting together many Unity Inspires Projects to create a platform for increasing more unity in everything e.g. from family to education, business to health and fitness!

However, our first Unity project we want to focus on is Unity of Bands!

We had past success in Unity of Bands being a live event in Jerusalem with over 700 people being musically elevated alongside 15 talented Bands. This traveled to smaller events from JTown to Bet Shemesh and Unity concerts was a popular success with students. See this video- 

and more for past events!

The good news is we are reviving Unity of Bands concept online, with unlimited potential to host many innovative Bands to give them the platform to promote their talents and focus on the theme always being Unity! Music has always been the key to bringing Unity in the world alongside our other projects!

So for all our Bands, we need you to send us to our email UnityofBands@gmail.com your latest talent filled music video with the theme of Unity! Your music video will be posted on our site and given the opportunity to get a lot of viewers as our overall following grows.

There will be 2 ways to come out as the biggest influencer on our Unity of Bands site. 1. Your talented music video generated the most amount of views and shares! 2. Your video was proactive in generating donations to one of our main Unity registered charity causes!

We will also offer each band the opportunity to get consultancy with me, Eli Goldsmith

The biggest influencer will get primary viewable focus on our main sites and direct involvement with music stars that we all dream performing and recording with! The date of a decision will be mid-2018 to give time for each Band to really develop their following! The key is we need all the Unity of Bands to send us your finished music video before 2018/Chanukah 5778 to feature on our site for beginning 2018. The good news is that any late arrivals can be first on our Unity of Bands 2019 (The pricing is listed below)!

Please remember this is a part of growing Unity Inspires projects and everyone is welcome to develop these projects together and being apart of the fast inspired developed innovative sites! There is a long-term movement posterity plan to keep all the Unity focused sites live and updated so no efforts are wasted!

Important to note that all Bands will be required to pay an initial $12/£10 only join up fee for the use of our sites and resources! This will be a standard fee that is required to be paid before 2019! The Unity projects will be remaining $12/£10 for all future projects once a Band has signed up. All new bands and Unity projects for 2020 will be asked to signup before 2020 for $120/£100 and this will go up to our site following grows from year to year! So now is the time to signup to be a part of Unity of Bands and feature your Bands and Unity Inspires Projects only for $12/£10 right here – www.paypal.me/unityofbands !

Please email UnityofBands@gmail.com with your sign up information and confirmation! Mention your full name, Contact information, Bands full name, the Potential name of the Unity-themed music video! Please include any important promotional information e.g. your website, Twitter and Facebook page! First, come, gets First priority on pages on our sites!

Please understand that we take no responsibility for any online traffic to our sites and will do our best to keep all posting to a positive unified promotional focus!

Thank you so much for your time and joining Unity Inspires Projects! We are making a difference in a world that needs hugely increased Unity and we will see success from experiencing the Unity flow together please G-d!

I’m so excited to see your Unity contribution.

Unified sincere blessings,

Eli Goldsmith founder of UIP!
Unityinspiresprojects@gmail.com will be built with Unified focus and contributions!


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